Are You Holding In Contact With Your Customers?

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Holding in contact with current and previous buyers is something we all know we must do but aren't often incredibly great at. Considering that gaining new organization from previous and current customers is a lot simpler than finding new ones, actually it's a no brainer not to do it. Savvy marketers preserve in feel with their customers in quite a few approaches, so here's a few on the internet and offline ideas to get you re-contacting past consumers and staying in contact with existing ones.

1. Write To Them
If it is been a whilst because you were in contact with some of your prospects, you could possibly feel a bit embarrassed about phoning, so write to them and perhaps provide them a free consultation so you'll be able to uncover out how they're obtaining on and review what you did for them. In the event you use this technique, follow up the letter by phone so let them know you'll be calling next week, and of course, call them! Most people will be happy to speak to you and meet with you and you also never know, chances are you'll truly get some new company.

2. Email Marketing
If you send out a newsletter, ensure your buyers are on your e mail list. It really is a excellent way of preserving in contact and ensuring your prospects are aware of the range of products and services you sell. Email is by far 1 from the easiest and cheapest ways of maintaining in contact and most providers will give you detailed stats about who's opened your emails and which links recipients discover interesting. So you may even locate out if your clients are opening your newsletters!

3. Social Networks
If your customers are on social websites for example Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, then connect with them to maintain the relationship you've with them. You are able to uncover out far more about what they're up to so can provide suitable aid, as well as hold your name in front of them. Keeping in feel via the social networks is very much a lot more informal, and you might also discover a new side to your clients!

4. Ship Personalized Letters or Emails
If you've long term consultancy customers that you've got to know very nicely, then why not deliver them snippets of data you arrive across that they may perhaps uncover useful. For instance, some research or an article chances are you'll have arrive across. When you send it, you are not asking for anything and you could effectively be remembered for being helpful / thoughtful and providing exceptional customer service.

5. Unique Occasions
Christmas is generally a excellent time to reconnect, but I discover physical cards (and even a little thank you gift) can work properly and show you appreciate their custom. If you've got your own premises then organize a get together where you'll be able to catch up with clients and they can network with each other.

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Are You Holding In Contact With Your Customers?

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This article was published on 2010/10/25