The Secret to Making the No Contact Rule Work

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People wonder all the time about using NC to get their ex back. 99.99% of those people do not use the no contact rule correctly, but I know the you? Just like any technique there is a right way and a wrong way, I have found the secret and I will share it with you so you can get your ex back fast.

What The No Contact Rule Is Not About

Everyone believes that after they breakup with their ex and stop talking to them that they are using the no contact rule correctly,Wrong! This is merely ignoring them and they just think you're mad and will get over it like you always do. Using NC to get your ex back and save your relationship takes a lot more than just ignoring them, especially if they broke up with you.

You want to get them back but not the way they were when your relationship wasn't working out, make sense? After all if they come back the same way they left...what has changed? This relationship is still headed for the rocks you're just circling around them until you crash again. No, you need to set a whole "new course" for your relationship away from those rocks for good, and the no contact rule can help you do just that.

OK - So What's The Big Secret?

The secret is in the almighty No Contact Message. What message you ask? And I answer "Exactly why NC is not working for you, you did not properly initiate your no contact strategy...did you?" This is why everyone thinks that the no contact rule will not help you get your ex back, they don't use it correctly. Or, they use it so late that it takes a long time to take affect but it still can work...just takes longer.

If you have been attempting to use no contact to win back your ex boyfriend/girlfriend you need to find out more about how to write the Magic No Contact Message. I am not going to go into all that with this article. What I want you to take away from this article is the fact that if you didn't properly initiate NC with a good no contact message, you're using the no contact rule all wrong. So do not expect great results until you learn what you need to know about writing a proper NC message, and then of course send it off to your ex.

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The Secret to Making the No Contact Rule Work

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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